Finding the Right Spokesperson to Be the Face of Your Company

Your online business reputation is greatly impacted by the people who serve as a spokesperson for your business. People will judge a business based on the people that they interact with online and choosing the right person to manage your online accounts can greatly influence the ultimate view of your company online.

This is important for companies that want to use social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to interact with customers. To start with, a business should make sure that they have a consistent presence and messaging online and that the designated individuals who will be managing these online accounts are aware of the message and are trained on how best to present the business.

Find a person who enjoys interacting with customers, has a significant amount of patience and empathy, and has the time and desire to be responsive to online questions and complaints. For companies that are of a certain size and scope, it may make sense to hire a person directly fort his role. For smaller companies, having an employee or multiple employees devote some time to being an online portal for customer communications can be an essential part of maintaining a healthy business reputation.

The ultimate goal is keeping customers satisfied and happy and pleased with the company’s overall interactions online. By doing so the hope is that the company’s reputation will build in a grassroots way and will result in a positive reputation that is based on sound foundations.

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