MARILYN BANKS, In her specialized work as a Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, writer, teacher of healing and transformational meditation, focuses her abilities on the interface between spiritual and psychological transformation. She sees herself as a midwife, helping others on their quest for self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Through her exclusive self-awareness programs, guided meditation classes, workshops, seminars and CDs, she is able to share and empower others to transform their life as they enlighten themselves. For over two decades, she has worked with hundreds of people, in counseling, coaching and group facilitation capacities. As a channel of healing energy, she has the unique ability of sharing and teaching her healing empowerments with others.

Areas for Personal Awareness and Life Management Counseling

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Fear and Anger
  • Habitual Self-Sabotage
  • Relationships and Dependency
  • "ROSE" Program - Recovery Of Self Esteem
  • Procrastination, Indecision,
    and Worry
  • Inner Child Rehabilitation
  • Failure/Success Management
  • Abusive

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Trance Channeled personal reading:

We try to include a CD recording...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

By appointment only and prearranged payment through Pay Pal
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Group Meditation Classes and Workshops

Marilyn has developed and implemented a successful series of structured consciousness development and personal empowerment programs, ranging with those who are at the start of their self-discovery quest, and continues onward with those who have worked the program and desire to delve deeper into the process for even more learning and understanding.By utilizing the tools of guided meditation and visual imagery, Marilyn takes others down the path that enables them to recognize the habitual self-defeating mental and emotional patterns that have kept their lives in a constant state of disarray, dis-ease, and discontent. Once the self-undoings are recognized, acknowledged – and cancelled – newly implemented thinkings and doings will manifest a positive outlook, opening doors for a contented, healthy and prosperous life.

Self-Awareness Meditation Program, $450, eight consecutive weeks
Group Meditation Classes, $50, per week

For Seminar/Workshop Programs and Fees: contact Marilyn

Counseling, Coaching, and Consultation
for a Happy, Healthy, Loving Life:

Combining clairvoyant knowing with counseling skills, along with understanding the dynamics of Universal Law and Principal, Marilyn is able to help individuals resolve long-time issues that block them from achieving the personal insight and freedom needed to clear the way for their next steps in psychological and spiritual growth. She walks with, and supports, her clients as they discover, deal with, and eliminate the self-sabotaging belief systems that have created a life of lack, discontent, and disappointment for one of personal fulfillment.

Individual services, $75 per hourly session

(discounted fees with pre-scheduled, multiple weekly sessions per month)

Lifetime Regressions: Past and Present

Healing physical and emotional conditions/blocks by tracing the anxiety-linked memory(s) back to their origin.  Long-standing patterns of old angers, grieves, and fears, can be understood and replaced with new insight, along with forgiveness, that allows them to leave the past in the past, and move forward with a valid and new perspective of the present. 

$275 per session

Energy Balancing and Aura Clearing

Through her ability to channel energy, Marilyn is able to center, balance and restore, the body’s major energy centers (chakras), and auric field, producing a condition of healing calm, contentment, and well-being. Each area of the body can hold our patterns and beliefs of fear and guilt, and by balancing the centers, these patterns that create pain, disease, and blocks for growth can be identified, and released.

Workshops and Seminars

One-day, Weekend, Three Night - Four Day, or Seven Day - Six Nights

Topics include: emotional rebirthing work; meeting and working with spirit guides; psychic and intuitive development; exploring past lives; healing and energy development; working with the inner-child; self-awareness for life-transformation; discovering self-sabotaging belief systems; learning and understanding the Universal Laws and Principles, and how they operate…..and more!

Past and upcoming workshops, click for more information

For Workshop/Seminar Fees: contact Marilyn

Meditation for Self-Awareness —
Classes for Body-Mind-Spirit Unity

Through the techniques of Meditation, you can begin a unique inner journey toward self-discovery and personal empowerment

Marilyn's new and original GUIDED MEDITATION CD'S....more to come soon!!!

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"Marilyn’s 8 week series changed my life. How can I explain it... the feeling of love that flooded through me... the acceptance... the opening to understanding...learning to quite the "brat in my head" the negative messages that kept me a victim, always 'wallowing in my wounds'"... read more

— J.Thomas, MSW. Res. Dir.,
Battered Woman's Shelter,
Evansville, IN

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